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Partner with Us

You can share the Kingdom Quake experience with others. We have had so many people tell us how much of an impact the Kingdom Quake event had on their life, family, business, career, church...etc. It is the support of those who believe in the work we are doing that enables us to bring these events across the nation.  We have always worked to keep registration as affordable as possible so that everyone is able to participate. Our generous partners have made it possible for us to host these powerful events over these past two years - free of charge. Prayerfully consider partnering with us today. Your donation will help us bring the Kingdom Quake experience to even more cities this year.

Kingdom Quake events are made possible by a joint partnership of Kingdom Leadership international (KLI) and Apostolic Team Ministries/A Team Ministry (ATM). Restoration Church is Doing Business As Kingdom Leadership International and donations are tax deductible. Donations are given to and receipts provided by Restoration Church.

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