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It is about the King and His Kingdom!

The voice of the King is the message of the Kingdom. We believe that God is raising up a Voice in this pivotal hour. The present move of God in the earth will not be led by Christian stars or celebrities. We see a nameless, faceless generation…a Kingdom of Priests (not only in doctrine but also in practice) who will fearlessly advance the Kingdom in the earth.


God is raising up no other name but the name of Jesus… no face that will eclipse the face of Christ. He is raising up a Voice carrying a message of the Kingdom to the strategic places of influence in the world…from the government and education, to the marketplace and the Church.


Kingdom Quake events are the result of a mandate from God to be a Voice in this hour in which everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Yet…we have received an unshakable Kingdom.

Exploring the Fault Lines of Religion and Culture through the Lens of the Kingdom of God

What happens when the Kingdom of God collides with Religion or Culture? It happened in Jesus’ day and it happens in ours. We began to explore these fault lines...and teaching about the Kingdom of God publicly and privately in ever increasing spheres of influence. We are helping others learn how to bring the kingdom culture to their personal experience. We focus on equipping people to live a border-less life carrying the voice of the King and the message of His kingdom into every sphere of influence God has given them. You too can learn how to embrace work as worship and shift the atmosphere in your workplace. Kingdom Quake is a practical, powerful and presence filled encounter that can help you discover your identity and fulfill the destiny you didn’t know you had!!

We believe that followers of Jesus Christ who have received the message of the kingdom have become a voice for our King [Jesus]. They are the World-Changers and leaders within their sphere of influence.

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